Trump sued for Slander-How about you?


A New York appellate court has ruled that a defamation lawsuit brought against President Donald Trump by a former “Apprentice” contestant can move forward. A lawyer for Trump said he plans to appeal the decision. Donald Trump is being sued for slander, ha-ha, Donald Trump a liar? what else is new? But, then, we all are sinners: liars, are we not? True but not like Trump. I mean, c’mon he lies faster than a dog licks its dish.

Slander is a legal term, for a lie told about someone. Anybody ever lie about you? Or, to you? When you’re Donald J. Trump it’s a “normal” everyday occurrence. Nothing new there but then, what about us? Now that I come to think about it who hasn’t been slandered? I certainly have been and fairly recently have been accused of slandering someone myself: in this case a family member, my own sister, was the culprit, in both complaints.

The occurrence happened at my son Danny’s wedding, in Savannah last November. It was the day before the wedding and I and my wife met with my sister and her husband and my brother and his wife at a local restaurant. We were almost done eating when the conversation switched to my parents, dead now for a decade, and, in a conversation with my brother, my sister says: “Well, I’m just thankful that they had so much money in the bank.” My “antennae” immediately came alive and I glared over at my sister and said: “How MUCH money did THEY have ? … in the bank?”

But before my sister could answer, my brother says: “Oh, my God, a lot, way over five-hundred thousand.”

I was shocked and looked at my brother, who had had a few beers. I had been led to believe, by my sister, they had had only $215,000, from which I received 1/3; as that was what was in their wills. Now, my brother was named as the executor in my dad’s will but my sister, after sleeping in the same bed with my mother for a week, had gotten our mom to sign a power of attorney over to her. My brother then, apparently, agreed to let her handle the funeral expenses and the 3-way even split that we had all agreed on when we read both their wills.

My sister “paid” for the funerals and their “expenses” and I had not questioned anything but now, when I asked her a simple question of was my brother’s statement true? she began fuming, stood up and said she would no longer “talk” to me.’ I had always had a bad feeling about her getting a power of attorney because she had withdrawn from even mentioning the funeral and was smoking marijuana and had separated from her husband. But being my sister I gave her, once again, the benefit of the doubt, a decision I came to rue, even from the start.

Over the years I had considered seeing an attorney, sensing something was wrong with the way my sister avoided all talk about my parents’ wills, both of which made it explicitly clear that we were to split their assets between the three of us, equally. Then she got married (again) and I kept giving her the benefit of the doubt and then she got cancer and so I, again, avoided the issue. And then, after a couple of years, she was cured.

This slip of the tongue by my brother and my sister’s strange behavior at the restaurant, 6 months ago now continues, as she refuses to speak to me, directly. I say directly because she slandered my name in writing, which is libel, when she sent me a letter insulting me and with a complete set of numbers that make absolutely no sense and claiming she had attached “all the bank records,” when, in actuality, she hadn’t, she was, once again, lying through her teeth. The truth that this 500K-plus, which was (made) tax-free, thanks to George W. Bush, who, during his 2 terms wiped away all inheritance taxes, was there for the taking and, if my brother’s statement was true, made me think that she either gave my brother, who claims he got the same amount as I did, more than me, or she took it all for herself, which I believe that any human being, caught in the grasp of temptation, is capable of, and I believe that she was, in fact, caught in this grasp of temptation and I believe she gave in to it, giving my brother as much as she figured he would take and keep quiet about it and then she took all the money that was left to take.

Forget about Rudy Giuliani’s “the truth is not the truth” baloney, we know that Trump is a liar and many people, usually democrats, say his “base” are all liars also, but reality goes beyond political party lines: liars are liars and we are all sinners, as my own example here of my sister clearly shows: she is a registered democrat, and worked for a local newspaper: “The Tallahassee Democrat,” but human beings are human beings and are capable of cheating their brothers and sisters and family members, as well as their close friends and for what? Money, money, money, their own personal gain. If they have any love for humanity, which we all do, it is overcome by the power of temptation and money. Capitalism kills your senses and sense of equality and reality when these things happen and, in America, and (especially) under this president, they happen all too frequently but the truth is still the truth and remains the truth. It doesn’t change no matter who tries to change it and it doesn’t change with age; it’s still, always, the truth! And, in this case, my sister, filled with this temptation that led to greed and selfish behavior gave in to temptation and took and took and took, until there was no more money (left) to take, and in that manner she was just like Donald Trump, totally selfish, totally thinking only of him(her) self. Shameful, but human beings are (shameful) and have done much, much worse things throughout history, giving in to temptation and the force of power and money. It just hurts when it hits so close to home though, does it not?


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